March 2011


Gerard Corrigan, for our own North East Chapter, demonstrated turning a kitchen paper towel holder mounted on an ornamental tripod.  He started the project by turning the perfect sphere from a piece of beech, which became the support for the base and the three legs.  A central hole was drilled at the top for the spigot of the roll holder.  Next, three points were marked for drilling to insert the spigots of the three legs. To ensure a consistent angle was maintained for the legs, Gerard invented his drill guide jig which he fitted into the tool rest, and this was set at the correct height and angle prior to drilling the spigot holes.  



 Gerard Corrigan at the lathe

The base was drilled to fit onto a spigot chuck, and a wedge was inserted to expand the spigot and secure the base for turning.  The legs and centre roll holder were turned using a homemade spring chuck.  A decorative finial was inserted at the bottom.  A friction polish was used throughout the process, and finally the unit was assembled, ready for use.  



It is always intriguing and refreshing to witness other Turners ingenuity in developing gismos and jigs to cope with various situations, and we have had no shortage of such developments in recent months.